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2/20/06 - Smith County

Icy Weather Contributes To Thirty-Six Wrecks In Smith County

Drivers headed out to a dangerous mess in Smith County this morning. Frozen bridges and overpasses were just too slick for some drivers to maneuver.

"I was spinning a little bit, and I just slid down and embankment," says Rashawn Green, a driver who crashed Monday morning.

DPS Troopers were called out to 36 crashes in Smith County alone this morning. One of the tough overpasses to cross was near Lindale at Highway 69 and Interstate 20 where some drivers lost control of their vehicles on the ice. Even with the bridges sanded down, some cars were flipping after they hit the ice.

"People were travelling too fast at an unsafe speed and slid off the road," says Trooper Jean Dark.

Some out of town drivers were not prepared for the frozen roads. "They said it was going to be better today," says Rashawn Green from South Carolina.

Troopers say on icy mornings like today, you need to allow some extra travel time, and take it slow on the highway since roads and bridges will freeze.

"I would recommend decreasing your speed, but not by using your break," says Trooper Dark, "Take your foot off the accelerator."

Of the fifty-six wrecks that happened from Saturday until this morning in Smith County, DPS says fortunately none of them ended in serious injuries.

Dana Dixon, reporting

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