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Hundreds Take Part In Bridal Show

Those planning to walk down the aisle had their hands full checking out their choices today. The Bride & Beyond Big Bridal Show took place in Tyler. From A to Z, everything a girl needs to plan the perfect day was there under one roof. But if you're newly-engaged, all those big decisions can be very overwhelming.

Wedding experts agree, before you plan anything else about the wedding, decide how much you're going to spend. "You have to sit down with your parents, maybe the grooms parents, and determine that right at the beginning. The average cost in the south for a wedding is around $18,000 $20,000," said Brides and Belles Bridal Salon owner JoAnn Owers.

Surprisingly enough, the dress is generally only about ten percent of the total budget. But pick it out first, because it sets the tone for the rest of your event. "If you're having an outdoor wedding, your wedding dress is going to reflect that. If you're having a very formal wedding in a big church, you're dress is going to reflect that," Owers said.

Flowers can be a big cost for a wedding. So, spend money where you want the focus to be at the altar, on you! If you're looking to save money, florist Michele Gibson suggest making some flowers do double duty. "You can use your bridesmaid bouquets as your centerpieces, or at your guest book."

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, so when it comes to your wedding day photographs, don't skimp! "After it's all said and done, this is what chronicles your memories. It really does. It gives you the opportunity to look back and remember that day," said photographer Robin Watson.

Of all the things to consider, those in the know say time may be the most critical element. If you start now, they say you and your loved one can have the fairy tale wedding you always imagined.

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