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2/17/06-Red Springs

Red Springs Residents On Alert After Burglaries

A rash of daylight burglaries in Smith County has residents on alert. County authorities have responded to at least four burglaries in the Red Springs area off Farm-to-Market Road 14 within the past week. The latest happened just yesterday, where a man shot at burglars leaving his neighbor's house.

Emmett Wintters, 77, was cooking lunch yesterday, when he noticed a black car parked in front of his neighbor's home. "I went out there and three of them come out of the house. One was sitting at the wheel of the car. I told them to get their hands up and stay where they were," said Wintters. But the five burglars didn't stop. So, Emmett took out his .32-caliber handgun and fired four shots at the vehicle. "They stole a gun out of the home there and they could have used it on me but that didn't cross my mind at the time," said Wintters.

Sandi Looney, 34, lives about two miles from Emmett. She says the thieves may have been targeting her home earlier this week. "They noticed my grandmother in the window and they backed up," said Looney.

The news of the burglaries has spread fast in this tiny community and residents say they're tired of being scared. "You work hard everyday and you don't work hard for some fool to come and take your stuff, so Red Springs is sick of it," said Jones. "I tell my son, if someone comes into our house and try to get in, shoot him."

If you have any information about the burglaries, you're asked to call the Smith County Sheriff's Department.

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