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Secrets to Looking Younger

You do not have to go broke to look younger as you age, and you do not have to go under the knife either.

There are more and more cosmetic procedures that dermatologists, dentists and skin care providers are offering that East Texas women swear by to battle wrinkles and more.

Everybody has a secret.

"They know you are doing something," says Sherian Simpson. "They just don't know what."

But, not everybody will give their secret away.

"It brightened up my face," says Stephanie Vasso. "My mouth was fuller, more complete."

"I was so excited about doing this," says Debbie Hartsfield.


Three East Texans are revealing their secrets to fighting wrinkles, skin sagging, and other marks of age.

"Actually I was getting ready for a... let's don't name the number... for a high school reunion," says Sherian.


Sherian decided two years ago that plastic surgery was not for her, so she took a different approach to smoothing out her lines.

"We are doing some skin rejuvenation. I have also been doing microderm abrasion and facials, but the photo skin rejuvenation really does help with the fine lines, wrinkles," says Sherian.

Laser technologist Tyanne Irwin at Allure Medica uses the Gemini Laser which has 2 lasers in one.

"It goes deep and it stimulates collagen production," says Tyanne. "It helps to increase cellular turnover and it just smoothes out the skin tone and makes you look fabulous."

Since the Gemini is quite sophisticated, it'll cost you roughly $200 a treatment.

Sherian started seeing results in about 3 treatments.

But, medical microderm abrasion, which offers less dramatic, but instant results, costs less at about $75 a treatment.

"It helps with more even skin texturing and this helps to remove that, says Carli Degough at Allure Medica. "So your makeup goes on a lot smoother."

And just last week, South Tyler Dermatology got their latest and greatest machine that helps get rid of "fine lines" and tightens skin on the face, neck and even your stomach.

It's called the Aluma. It uses the new technology of radio frequency.

"The whole idea behind this is to deliver energy that will cause heating to the dermis, the part of the skin below the surface, and really what is responsible for wrinkles and saggy skin," says Dr. Ron Davis at South Tyler Dermatology.

"Oh, this is a piece of cake," says Debbie Hartsfield. "There is no pain to this whatsoever."

That Debbie says is in comparison to laser treatments, pulse laser or the IPL treatment.

Debbie says it just feels like a warm suction around her eyes.

That's where she wants younger looking skin.

The Aluma runs about $300 a session and doctors say you could see a 30% to 40% percent reduction in wrinkles.

Maybe, the easiest age fix is your smile.

"We whitened them and 2 weeks later I had the procedure and I had no idea that you could do something that simple and make such a big difference, says Stephanie Vasso.

Stephanie went to Dr. Rick Coker to fill some spaces and erase the signs of aging on her teeth.

"Peoples teeth get darker as they age. So, it's a marker of age just like wrinkles or gray hair, so you're removing the markers of age," says Dr. Coker.

That runs in the $200 to $300 range for customized trays and whitening peroxide solution.

And experts agree. The best way to age beautifully and gracefully is to start pampering your face the moment you begin to notice some extra lines.

Another thing skin care experts agree on is for the best anti-aging results, you also need to find and stick with a good skin care regimen.

Sunscreen is also a must if you're outdoors.

And while these non-surgical cosmetic procedures don't necessarily replace the face-lift, skin care experts say they can take years off your look.

Dana Dixon, reporting

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