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2/14/06-Smith County

Roach-infested Restaurant Defies Order To Close, Eventually Allowed To Operate

Crazy Buffet at 4015 S. Broadway in Tyler was inspected January 27.  

Chicken, fish, shrimp at 46-54F; they should be 41F or colder. Buffet items tested at 99-128F; they should be 140F or hotter. All items were thrown out.

Raw chicken in cooler was held above raw fish and cooked pasta. An employee was seen wiping hands on dirty aprons, then handling food. No paper towels at kitchen handsinks. Medication stored on food prep table. Numerous live and dead roaches found throughout entire restaurant.

Total demerits: 36. The permit to serve food was suspended.

Brenda Elrod of the Northeast Texas Public Health District says the owner of Crazy Buffet was issued a citation for reopening the restaurant after they were ordered closed.

On a recheck January 30, no insects were found. All other problems were corrected. Total demerits: 0. Permit to serve food reinstated.

Peking Chinese Restaurant at 1021 E. Fifth in Tyler was inspected January 27.  Shrimp in cooler tested at 50F; it should be 41F or below.

Product thrown out. Severely dented cans on storage shelves. Raw meats stored over produce in cooler. Bare hand contact of food without sanitization.

Total demerits: 24. A recheck ordered, not yet on file.

Pizza Inn at 2551 S. Main in Lindale was inspected February 8.  Potato salad at 50F; should be 41F or below. Improper cooling procedures noted for pasta and sauce. Those products were thrown out.

Employee was seen handling dirty utensils, then cooked food without washing hands. Other utensils were not clean. There were also no thermometers to check temperatures. 

Total demerits: 20. No recheck ordered.

Kuntry Drive-In at 407 S. Main in Winona was inspected February 1. Baked potatoes were at 55F; they should be cooled to 41F or below. Raw meat, fish, and eggs were stored over dressings, produce, and cooked foods.

Total demerits: 16. No recheck ordered.

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