Gift Of Love: Katie's Story

An outgoing, friendly and talented third-grader, 8-year-old Katie dreams of becoming one of Hollywood's shining stars. The deep desire to see her name in lights comes- case workers say... as a way to prove she's worthy of praise.

"I'm gonna be a movie star when i grow up," says Katie. "You are? What kind of movie star?  I'm gonna be pretty, not bad and stuff."

After years of physical and verbal abuse, Katie longs for acceptance and attention.  She's eager to find an adoptive mother and father willing to help boost her self-esteem by offering encouragement, approval and unconditional love.

" I want a mommy and daddy to take care of me, and put me on tv... and say this is the greatest daughter I've ever had," says Katie. "Why would that make you happy? Cause I would be their daughter forever."

An active child, Katie enjoys painting, singing and dancing.  She does well in special education classes and has been diagnosed with depressive disorder.  Katie would do best with a single mother or a two-parent family as the only or youngest child. After spending two years in foster care, she'll need stability, structure-- and time to trust.

"She needs someone who can find the good in praise her, to teach her things, to teach her discipline, set boundaries and provide structure," says Child Protective Services case worker David Godwin.  "She's a bright little girl, but she's been put down so long, she really needs someone to give her a lot of one-on-one attention."

With counseling, Katie is becoming more confident in her outer and inner beauty. And as she continues her quest for Hollywood stardom, she'll keep searching for the love of adoptive parents... perhaps the only thing she really needs to shine.

"If i had an adoptive home," Katie says, "it would make me feel happy inside."