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"Does It Work?"-2/14/06

Conair Pro Color Accents: "Does It Work?"

Change your mood by changing your hair. That's the idea behind this week's "Does It Work?" product. It's called the Conair Pro Color Accents. It allows you to make a dramatic change in your hair, without all the commitment. The color is supposed to wash out during your next shampoo. Question is..."Does It Work?"

Regis Salon manager, Kelli Hoffman agreed to test the product out on her teen aged daughter, Ashley. Kelli knows a lot about teens and hair! The Pro Color Accents comes with eleven color choices. And there just happened to be a shade of light blue that matched Ashley's blouse. We tried that color first.

The device features a spinning brush that dips into a tray of color on every spin. You simply insert a strip of your hair, starting with the scalp and work toward the tips. As you pull the device toward the end of the hair, the brush applies the color. We didn't see much "blue" on our first pass. "O.K. I think the reason we didn't get color here is because the brush was spinning trying to get color on it. So, maybe you should spin it to get color on the brush first," says Kelli. We tried again, and she was right. We got a nice one inch wide strip of bright blue hair.

We created a few more strips of blue and then tried the red. It worked even better than the blue. The red went on more moist and evenly than the blue.

The trick with hair care products is to see if they can be operated by the end user. We hand it over to Ashley and she had no trouble navigating her own hair. Next, she turned the device on her mom, and Kelli got a streak of blue in her hair.

The Pro Color Accents can't be deemed a success, until the color washes out. We followed the instructions and washed Ashley's hair twice with clarifying shampoo and it was all gone.

"It showed up better on lighter hair," says Kelli. But she still loves it. "Does It Work?" "Give it a yes," says Kelli. And Ashley Agrees.

The Conair Pro Color Accents gets a "yes."

It's available at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target for about 25 dollars.

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