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Cheney Hunting Accident

Attached is the hunting accident report involving Vice President Dick Cheney.  TPWD collects information on hunting accidents for statistical purposes.  There is no legal requirement to report hunting accidents to TPWD.  The information in the attached report was provided to the local game warden by the Kenedy County Sheriff's office.  The attached hunting accident report was received in Austin on Monday, Feb. 13.

A check of TPWD license records indicated that while the Vice President had purchased a valid non-resident hunting license, he had not purchased the required upland game bird stamp. This stamp is a new requirement which took effect this hunting season.  Since Sept. 1, it has not been uncommon for Texas Game Wardens to encounter hunters in the field who do not have the required stamp.  In these cases, hunters have been given verbal warnings in lieu of fines or other penalties.  This is a common practice with Texas wardens when a new game law goes into effect. TPWD generally allows a one-year grace period and issues verbal warnings to help educate people about new laws.


A warning citation will be issued to Mr. Cheney, as is routine in such cases.  The warning is similar to a warning citation that might be issued by any law enforcement agency. There is no fine or other penalty associated with warning citations.


Texas law requires all hunters born on or after Sept. 2, 1971 to take a hunter education course. Since Mr. Cheney was born before that date, he is not required to take hunter education to hunt legally in Texas.


Download the Dick Cheney Hunting Accident Report Here

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A news release on 2005 Texas hunting accidents headlined 2005 Hunting Fatalities Match Historic Lows is on the TPWD Web site at   
Also, the 2005 Texas hunting accident report containing multi-year trend data is at

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