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Proud Of East Texas: Janet Kaslon

The first sheep and goats Janet Kaslon bought were for her children to show in 4-H. In time, the children grew up, the animals multiplied, and Kaslon went into the yarn and wool garment business.

Kaslon sheers her sheep and goats in the spring and fall. After multiple washings and cardings, she spins the wool into yarn and weaves the yarn into wraps, throws, ponchos, scarves and hats. The garments are so light and airy they can be worn in even the mildest Texas weather.

Kaslon's color combinations are stunning. No wonder her company is called "Spinning Rainbows". As part of the "Go Texan" program, Kaslon shows her yarns and garments at the state fair and other arts and crafts shows.

It can take as much as 40 hours to complete a wrap from spinning to finish, 50 hours for a poncho, and 10 for a hat. But for Janet Kaslon, it's all a labor of love.

Joan Hallmark reporting,

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