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02/10/06-East Texas

Freedom Fighter : Bill Burnett

  In 1950 the Chinese Communists joined North Korea in the battle for the Chosin Reservoir. The few Americans who survvived the onslaught and the extreme weather were know thereafter as the "Frozen Chosin." Bill Burnett joined the Marines in 1943 and after fighting at Okinowa during World War Two returned home and finished college.
  He rejoined during the Korean War and was a squad leader and machine gunner during the battle for the Chosin Resevoir. Although it hadn't been recognized by American leaders, the Chinese began moving in overwhelming numbers of troops and equipment to the Chosin Reservoir area. The reservoir was important to them because it provided most of the electrical power for Manchuria.
  The battle of the Chosin Reservoir lasted for weeks in thirty below zero plus temperatures. Burnett and his group had only tootsie rolls to eat for almost a week because their food supply was frozen. Burnett was eventually evacuated with a head wound and frozen toes. Hundreds of Americans lost their lives at thr Chosin Reservoir the winter of 1950. Those who did survive, the "Frozen Chosin", know how lucky they are.
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