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Longview High School Tightens Security

      In the wake of recent clashes between students and even teachers at Longview High School, administrators are enforcing strict measures to keep students safe. One of the key elements, a school "ROTC" security group called "Lobo Patrol".

    "Our job is to be the eyes and ears of the school resource officer and school security" said patrol member and Longview senior LaDarian McGee.

     There is no lingering or tardiness allowed, no gatherings of large groups, and the school has implemented a "classroom lockdown policy". If you're late to class the door is locked and you immediately go to the principals office. The worst offenders are given mandatory classes on Saturday. All of this in response to charges on 11 Longview students for rioting and assault.

    "Have recent incidents caused us to rethink some things? certainly! we rethink things all the time, the lobo patrol began that immediately with the incident involving the 11 children" said LISD Superintendent Dr. Dana Marable.

     "We've had fights we've had situations we've had to deal with, one of the things we attempt to do with lobo patrol is get students involved in helping us solve some of our problems here on campus" said Longview High School Principal Milton Wallace.

     Superintendent Marable addressed the discipline issue in a meeting with staff and parents last night, and says even with the new stricter measures, the school can't do it alone.

    "This is a community problem, its not a school problem and the school can not solve it, we can all solve it together" said Marable.

      The "Lobo Patrol" students "must" keep their grade point average up to remain a part of the group. The district is also considering the possibility of going to a uniform for students in the future. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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