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Lady Red Raiders Look To Continue Dynasty

A dynasty is defined as a group that maintains power for several generations. In that case, the Winnsboro girls basketball team fits the description.
Three state championships, nine state tournament appearances in the past 15 years and for the 18th year in a row, they are headed to the playoffs.

The big question: Why is this team always so good?

"I think it's just the town," said junior and guard Megan Marton. "When you live in Winnsboro and you are a girl, that's what you do."

"The girls around here start playing when they are five and six years old," said Head Coach Buddy Hawkins.

By the time they make it to varsity, the girls have spent years shooting hoops together.

"We've probably played more basketball as a whole, than any team around," Megan said.

To put in perspective the powerhouse Winnsboro has become, no one player on varsity now was even born the last time Winnsboro did not make the playoffs.

"We just go out and we try to play," Coach Hawkins said. "It's not the one game at a time. We just try to beat everybody we play, period."

Coach Hawkins has more than 600 career wins in his 27 years with the Red Raiders. This season his team is 30-2.

"I think he's a big part of us playing hard," said senior forward Kadie Tabor. "He just reminds us that every game is the same and no game is bigger than the last one we played."

"He gets on us, but he loves us and we love him," Megan said.

"We have to stay focused on what we are doing and we can't let anything get in the way," said senior Jenny Woodle.

The Lady Red Raiders dominated in the regular season and hope to continue the habit in the post season.

"We've played this long and this is what matters," Megan said.

The Lady Red Raiders play 1A's top ranked team, Martin's Mill, in a playoff warmup Saturday, February 11.

They begin their last run at a 3A state title next week. Winnsboro drops to class 2A next year.

Maya Golden reporting,

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