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2/10/06-Washington, D.C.

Cheney Defends Terrorist Surveillance

Vice President Dick Cheney says there is still hard work ahead in the war on terror.

He told the 33rd Annual Political Action Conference Dinner in Washington last night that's because the U-S is dealing with enemies who intend to bring great harm to any nation that opposes their aims.

He says their prime targets are the U-S and its people.

The vice president says Democratic Leader Harry Reid was among the senators who originally voted for the Patriot Act, but now, says Cheney, he's bragging about trying to kill it. Cheney says it protects the country and should be reauthorized.

According to Cheney, information about President Bush's "terrorist surveillance program" was "improperly" given to the news media. He says the revelations must have American enemies "shaking their heads in amazement."

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