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2/8/06-Smith County

First Arrest For Largest Illegal Dumping In Smith County

One East Texan has admitted to authorities he contributed to one of the largest illegal dumping sites in Smith County. The 8 acres of trash was found, just off County Road 489. That's just outside the Tyler City limits.

Environmental investigators believe that these piles of trash have accumulated over the last 8 year. Piles and piles of trash bags, furniture, electronics and tires. Today investigators made their first arrest.

Wednesday morning, Judge James Cowart signed a felony arrest warrant for Toni Lyons. Among all this trash, officials found at least three pieces of evidence containing her name and address. That's all they need for an arrest.

Danny Brasher, Environmental Investigator for Smith County went to Lyon's home. But he didn't arrest the person whose name was on the warrant... Instead he began talking to her husband.

"He advised me that she didn't do it, that he was the one that actually did it. At first he told me he had paid someone to haul it off. Then he admitted that he had done it," says Brasher

Toni's husband, Larry Spigner is now heading to jail with a felony for illegal dumping. We're told this pile was what Larry dumped, a couch, dresser and trash.

Danny has a warning to those who illegally dump. "If you dump you, look over your shoulder we are right behind you. We are going to catch you, it's just a matter of time," says Brasher.

Illegally dumping is a felony with $10,000 fine and or 2 years in jail. Officials say they will be serving several more warrants this week.

They say it will take a few weeks to collect all the evidence. After that, the clean up will begin. That is estimated to take another 2 to 3 weeks.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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