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Museum of Harley-Davidson History Rolls Into East Texas

Harley-Davidson motorcycle lovers have a destination in Tyler through Thursday -- a one-of-a-kind traveling museum of everything Harley.

Harley owner Vicki Prestridge says, "You miss things in a car, and when you're on a bike, you see things you've never seen before."

It is a bond -- a kinship -- shared by all those to whom the Hog is king. 

"We love it, it's hard to stay off of it. And I actually turned 50 this year in the rockies with a bike rally, and it's kind of a freedom thing!" she says.

The collection in the rolling museum is vintage Harley racing. Many tour the country on their bikes, but from the early part of the century, Harley-Davidson has been as fast as the rest.

"I think it's awesome, and I never knew until we got ours that their history goes way back!" she says.

"Only a select few dealerships get this to come to their town," says Lone Star Harley-Davidson's Laney Williams.

They had to lobby hard to show off the two wheelers in this customized 18 wheeler. It's not just a part of Harley history, but family history.

"Whenever you buy a Harley, you're not buying a motorcycle, you're buying a way of life. And anybody that buys a Harley becomes a part of our family," Williams said.

These bikes also show the evolution of technology.

"We've actually been over ten thousand miles already in less than a year," Prestridge says.

To Harley owners, the road less traveled is one filled with great friends. 

Reported by Morgan Palmer.


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