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2/8/06-Smith County

Felony Arrest Warrant For Illegally Dumping

A felony arrest warrant has been issued for the largest illegal dumping site found yet in Smith County.  Tuesday, officials surveyed 8 acres of trash on County Road 489.  That's off Highway 69, right outside the Tyler city limits.

Wednesday, environmental investigators processed the evidence they found at the site yesterday. To issue an arrest warrant, they need just three pieces of trash with a person's name or address on it. Such evidence was presented to a county judge today, who signed the warrant.  Officials believe more arrest warrants will come.

Investigators continued to dig for evidence.  The piles of trash is more than 8 acres of evidence for environmental investigators.

"We are going to continue to go through the dumped trash to find additional evidence.  We know that's it there," says Danny Brasher, Smith County Environmental Investigator.

Once the evidence is collected, those who illegally dumped will face charges, along with the land owners. 

"The property owners will be prosecute under state jail felony because of allowing this to happen on their property.  It's considered an illegal dump and prosecute under state jail felony 2 years and a $10,000 fine or both," says Brasher.

Beverly Wilson has lived off County Road 489 for the last 4 years. She says the neighborhood has had problems with illegal dumping in the past, but not to this scale. "It was that amount maybe a little bit of private things but on that scale that large scale I was very surprised.  We have landfill sites where you can take that things and dump.  You wouldn't want it dumped in your neighborhood or your yard so why take it to someone else neighborhood," says Beverly Wilson.

Beverly hopes, investigators find what they need to prosecute the people, responsible for trashing her neighborhood.

Officials say it will take a few weeks to collect all the evidence. After that, the clean up will begin. That is estimated to take another 2 to 3 weeks.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. 

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