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2/7/06-Lake Tyler

HGTV Dream Home Selling To The Highest Bidder

"Nobody knows yet. We called [KLTV] first," says Don Cruz. Don is in the media spotlight again, this time announcing he's parting ways with the HGTV Dream Home. "We've tried everything we could to come up with the tax money and there's just nothing we could do, it's for sale." What changed his mind? Don says he was told by HGTV he would be taxed on winnings of just over 1.5 million and made arrangements to pay Uncle Sam come tax time. "There was also a group of investors we talked to that was going to loan us the $600,000 to pay back the IRS." It was the 1099's he received Tuesday where the IRS says he made around 2 million dollars in winning. "With it being this high it would be $800,000 that we'd have to pay the IRS and we can't come up with that kind of money," says Don. "The only thing that might have helped more is if the city had let us rent out the boat house and master bedroom and that would have more than made up for our [federal] taxes and then some." But Don will probably not have a hard time selling the house. The phones started ringing with offers during our interview. Having lived in the home less that a year, it will still be difficult to let go of a dream that this time didn't come true.

Don says he did pay his property taxes totaling more than $38,000. He says he's only accepting bids for the dream home in writing and is giving himself until April 15th to sell the home and pay the IRS.

Christine Nelson, reporting.

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