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White Light Teeth Whitener: "Does It Work?"

It seems every time you brush your teeth, somebody's pitching a new product to make your teeth whiter. We've all seen the whitening strips, the brush-on whitener, but none has produced more of your emails than this week's "Does It Work?" product. We've received dozens of requests, to test to White Light teeth whitening system, and now the wait is over. We're about to answer the question, "Does It Work?"

"Whiten teeth fast using light technology," it says on the package. "Light" hasn't been referred to as "technology" since Edison and the light bulb. Seems they're trying a little hard to sell the "tech" side of this product. On the package you see amazing results "before" and "after." There's also a dentist's endorsement and Miss USA 2004 makes a pitch too.

You get the light that fits in your mouth, which oddly enough shines blue. You get a special applicator tip and syringe full of two kinds of whitening gel. And you get a teeth guard to spread the gel onto.

Our test subject is KLTV 7 Producer, Kathy Vitale. As instructed, we sent her to brush her teeth. And we took "before" shots of her teeth for comparison later. We squirt the whitening gel on the teeth guard. Kathy pops it in and inserts the White Light light. She wears it for 30 minutes and we took an "after" picture. She was able to get eight uses out of the product. For eight days she used the gel and the light for 30 minutes.

We brought Kathy back and took more "after" shots with the same camera, same settings and same lighting. We showed Kathy the "before" shots, the "after one use" shots and the "after 8 days" shots. She saw no difference at all. "I wouldn't say it does anything really significant," says Kathy.

"Does It Work?" "No," says Kathy. Nothing to smile about here. We give the White Light a "no."

We paid $19.99 for the White Light at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Joe Terrell, Reporting jterrell@kltv.com

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