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2/7/06-Smith County

Acres Of Illegal Dumping Found In Smith County

The largest illegal dumping site found yet in Smith County. Litter abatement officers say it covers at least 8 acres and it's unlike anything they have seen before.   It's just outside the Tyler City limits off Highway 69 on County Road 489.

We were at the site as officials surveyed the scene.  "We found the site Friday just driving down this dirt road," says Danny Brasher, Environmental Investigator with Smith County.

Down a dirt road, acres and acres of trash.   Officials took a bird's eye view of the area in an ETMC Air One helicopter.  The video that will be used to prosecute the illegal dumpers.

"When we go to grand jury with this this video will be shown and has a lot more impact and people will be able to see the exact size which is anywhere from 6 to 8 or 10 acres," says Brasher.

Piles of furniture, electronics, tires and even drums of oil.  "We cleaned up the oil drum because of the leaking into the ground and we decided to get go ahead and it up and get it contained," says Brasher.

Officials sifted through the trash to find out who it belongs to.   "So far we have things with names and address on it.  We have a camera here that look fairly new and film still in the camera.  We will have that development and see who is on that film," says Brasher.

Pictures, names and addresses will give officials the evidence they need to find who's responsible.

It will take several weeks to go through the trash. Once the evidence is collected, the site will be cleaned up.

Illegal dumping is a state jail felony. Punishable by $10,000 fine and/or two years in a state jail.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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