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2/7/06-Wood County

Fire Destroys Constable's Home

In a matter of minutes, an East Texas Constable loses his home and everything inside of it. Wood County Constable Trey Deguerrin was at work yesterday morning, when a massive fire destroyed his house on County Road 4860. That's just West of Lake Winnsboro. Deguerrin rented the house from the county and did not have insurance. His nanny and his two small children were in the home when the fire started. That nanny is now the family hero.

Tammy Raley was in the kitchen eating breakfast with the children she watches over, 2-year-old Roma and 18-month-old Lane when the fire started.

"I had walked out of the room for maybe five minutes and had come back and the 2-year-old approached me and said smoke," said Raley. That's when she ran back in the kitchen and saw the wall on fire.

"I grabbed him of his high chair and charged him out the door and then I went after the 2-year-old and she ran, so I had to catch her," said Raley. Constable Deguerrin had just arrived at the Winnsboro Police Department when he heard the news.

"I just walked in the door and I was talking to Mark Miller and the dispatcher said Trey, your house is on fire," said Wood County Constable Pct. 4, Trey Deguerrin. Deguerrin immediately jumped in his car, thinking of his kids the entire way home.

"I kept trying to call Tammy and I kept getting a busy signal, so I was pretty upset," said Deguerrin. "When I got here and saw them all sitting in the front yard I was relieved. She's (Tammy) a hero to us." Deguerrin says his children are too young to grasp what happened. His oldest child, 4-year-old Dixie, was at school when the fire broke out, but understands it best.

"It got fired," said Dixie Deguerrin. Wood County Constable Deguerrin has helped others for more than a year. Now, he needs the county's help.

"We need household items," said Deguerrin. "We are getting a lot of clothes, but my wife said we don't even have a stove to cook on. Stuff like that." With the help of the city of Winnsboro and the county, Deguerrin says he and his family will get through this.

Along with the Constable's family, the nanny, her two children and niece lived in the house as well. We have a list of clothing sizes for everyone that lived in the home. All items can be dropped off at the Wood County Sheriff's Department.

Trey Deguerrin - Pants: 40 X 34 Shoes: 11 Shirt: XXL

Dianna Deguerrin - Pants: 24 Ladies Shoes: 11 Blouse: 2X

Roma (2-year-old Girl) - Size: 4T Shoe: 10

Dixie (4-year-old Girl) - Size: 5T Shoe: 7

Lane (18-month-old Boy) - Size: 2T Shoe: 4

Dakota (Boy) - Size: Adult male jeans or medium sweat pants Shoes: 8

Dalton (Boy) - Size: 14 youth Shoe: 8

B.J. (Girl) - Size: Medium Adult Shoe: 8

Tammy (Girl) - Pants: 36-38 Shirt: 1X Shoe: 81/2

Molly Reuter, reporting.

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