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2/6/06-White Oak

Virtual Bullies

Suzie Gay has two teenage children.

"My children started getting on Xanga, because their friends were on Xanga, and they just thought it was a great blog where they could, you know, talk to their friends."

At first, Suzie Gay thought the web blogs were a great idea. She even posted one of her own, and told other parents to do the same.

"I'm just telling their parents, 'Just get on there. It's great. It's not a big deal,' and then we found this nasty, nasty site someone made," Gay said.

Someone posted a site, pretending to be Suzie's 6th grade daughter Brianna. Whoever wrote it, made explicit claims about her 13 year old daughter's sexuality and her sexual orientation. So explicit in fact, we can't say, or show you any of it.

"Oh, it was terrible. It was disgusting," Gay said.

Since the site was posted, other kids have logged on too. Now, some of them are taking Brianna's side. Other's are simply taking cheap shots.

Her mother told us, "She gets threats. Girls threaten her. Boys threaten her, or they tease her. They call her some of the names that are on the site."

Detective Ed Jones with the Longview Police Department says Brianna is not alone. Virtual bullying is pretty commonplace. But what's worse is, it's not necessarily a crime.

"A bully can do stuff that's not really illegal, but makes the victim feel intimidated," Jones said.

Suzie asked "Xanga" to take down the fake site. So far, she has not gotten a response. She's hoping whoever posted the site, might decide to take it down on their own.

If they don't she says she will consider filing a lawsuit. She thinks she and her daughter could have grounds to sue for libel.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.

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