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Super Bowl Means Big Business For Pizzerias

  Today is a day when diets go out the window. The big game means big business for pizzerias. More pizza is sold on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year. And local restaurants have been "training" all week for it.

  The phones were ringing off the hook at pizzerias across Tyler. "Super Bowl Sunday has always been the biggest day for Domino's Pizza, and pizza in general," said Domino's Pizza district manager Jimmy Olson. He expects Domino's will sell 12,000 pizzas in the East Texas area. To make sure you get your pizza delivered quickly, Domino's brought in extra man power. Instead of the 12 workers scheduled on a normal Sunday, they had 18.

  It was basically the same story over at Papa John's just a few blocks away. "It's been pretty crazy. We've had to take three or four deliveries a run, which is highly unusual. It's nor regular to have to do that, especially with so many drivers," said Papa John's Pizza driver Michelle Serrano. The store on South Broadway expected to sell 500 pizzas today.

  Buck's Pizza on the Loop has been busy getting ready for today all week long and owner Ron Watts said the preparation has paid off. "It's been hectic already. Compared to a normal Sunday, we've already doubled our business," said Watts.

  Watts says pizza and football just work well together. "It's happy kind of food. It's easy. It's a party food. Everyone loves it. There's nothing like ordering a bunch of pizzas and sitting around the table and watching football."

  Pizza Hut, Domino's and Papa John's expect to sell more than three million pizzas today. Some stores expect to sell four times as many pizzas than on a regular Sunday.

Oralia Ortega reporting.

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