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2/5/06-Smith County

Super Bowl Parties In East Texas

For fifteen years Terry and Denise Glidewell have hosted a serious superbowl party. 

"We're now at capacity, so it's time for a new house. We've got about thirteen of us that are going to be here before the games over," Terry said.

It's basically the same group year in and year out, and they all say it doesn't matter whose playing. It's a tradition they intend to keep.

Greg Kipp has attended the party every year.  He said, "It's american.  Apple pie, baseball, Chevrolet, and football! Of course, the Cowboys aren't playing, but we're going to root for the team we want to root for, and have a good time doing it."

The game was a time of fellowship for football fans at Colonial Hills Baptist Church. During half time, former Dallas Cowboy and Superbowl Champion John Niland had some fun with the group before shifting gears to share his testimony.

He said, "We're living in filth, but He came and became man, and when you learn to trust him, when you truly learn to trust him, then your life changes."
But not everyone spent the day at a big Superbowl party. Some people were stuck working. 

Randy Lee works for the Tyler Fire Department.  He said, "Every station's manned today, and of course, the police have their people out, EMS has their people, so, the public safety personel are working."

But don't feel too bad for them. After their daily work-out, these firemen sat down with some fiery queso, and caught a glimpse of Superbowl 40 for themselves.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.

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