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KVNE Is Back On Air With Limited Power

For more than 20 years a local Christian radio station has been broadcasting throughout East Texas. Yesterday, when our tower came down, so did KVNE's antenna, taking them off the air. Today, it's back on with limited power.

Mike Harper has been co-hosting KVNE's morning show for 17 years. When the tower came crashing down yesterday he was on the air.  "Actually my wife text messaged me and said off the air, and I said, OK, no, but we were and when someone came in and said the tower fell, I had to clean my ears," said Harper. "I thought I didn't hear you right." Unfortunately, he did and in a matter of seconds the radio station lost its 50,000 listeners.

"This is something we've never experienced before," said Harper. "Who would have thought you know. The whole thing came crumbling down and yet here we are back up on the air today at reduced power."

Using an old antenna KVNE is able to broadcast about 500 watts of power today. Harper says it's not much compared to its normal 100,000 watts, but the station hopes to get more power soon.

"There are plans to put on a temporary transmitter, which will get us about 10,000 watts," said Harper. "A lot of people depend on us and so we feel a responsibility to get on as soon as possible."

It could be a matter of months before the station is fully operational again. Right now, Harper says KVNE needs its listeners' support more than ever. "It's amazing over 20 years we have been listener supported, no commercials, nobody buys time, strictly by listeners donating money," said Harper. "Please keep us in your prayers and keep us in your memory. Remind yourself we're still there."

KVNE is continuing to broadcast on the Internet at their web site www.KVNE.com. You can also get updates by listening to their sister station KGLY 91.3 FM.

Molly Reuter reporting, mreuter@kltv.com

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