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Superbowl Is Back On

The reason you're able to see us back on the air so quickly, is because of a new high power transmitter that was delivered today. Our old transmitter was destroyed when the tower in Red Springs fell. We are now using our old broadcast tower located on the East Loop in Tyler.

The new transmitter arrived here this afternoon from St. Louis. Engineers put the transmitter together and hooked it up to the 440-foot tower. More than 90 percent of viewers in our coverage area are receiving our signal tonight.

"Our viewers have been real loyal for years and especially we appreciate there patience the last few hours," said KLTV General Manager Brad Streit. "I don't want to wear that patience out, so our goal all along was to get our signal back and operational as quickly as possible."

For those hoping to watch the Super Bowl in high definition, Streit says engineers will be unable to get a high definition broadcast signal on the old tower in time. Right now, he says engineers are working on getting a temporary high definition signal, but that will not happen for about a week. However, if you subscribe to the high definition tier with Cox Communications you will still be able to see the game in high definition.

Molly Reuter reporting,

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