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A Look Back: KLTV Broadcast Tower Collapses

      A massive crash heard in northern Smith county this morning as the KLTV 7 news main broadcast tower collapses. The tower is located in the Red Springs community, 10 miles north of Tyler on county road 338.

   "You've got a thousand feet of tower on the ground the complete operations down, its not good" said KLTV chief engineer Butch Adair.

   What was the main broadcast tower, is now jut a heap of mangled twisted metal resting in a field in Red Springs. There have been some leads, but no exact reason for the accident. Some rumors began to circulate that an aircraft may have been involved.

     "We received numerous calls on the fire phone from people who say they thought they heard a plane clip the tower but we have no evidence to that fact in the general area where the tower collapsed" said chief Charles Wilson of the Red Springs Volunteer Fire Department.

       One thing that is for sure according to KLTV engineers, weather was not a factor.

   "We didn't have any bad weather overnight that I'm aware of. It shouldn't be any reason for it to be down" says Adair.

     Investigators are looking at guy wires and looking for possible structural weaknesses. Our chief engineer says our tower was in good shape.

    "The tower was just recently inspected given a good clean report so were in the process of finding what happened" Adair says.

    The site is almost a total loss, and work crews were only able to save the analog transmitter. They moved it to an alternate location, so we could continue our programming and newscasts.

     "We had an emergency plan already on the books so we will have temporary service restored hopefully within the next 24 to 48 hours" says Adair.

    A professional engineering crew will be called in to analyze the accident and determine what caused it. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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