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2/3/05-Red Springs

A Look Back: Neighbors Of KLTV Tower Jolted By Sound Of Antenna Collapse

"It sounded like one of the semi trucks going down the road and hit a bump," says Brad Watson.  He lives closest to the KLTV tower.  He was bolted out of bed by the sound.

"Within a few seconds all the power went out in the house," he said.

The tower's collapse pulled down at least one group of power lines.

Dorothy Lanier lives about a half mile from the tower.

"I just went to my favorite spot and looked out the window and I thought it had to be thunder," she said.  

"It was maybe it was like a tree falling -- a big tree. But it was kind of sustained because I sat a while before I got up to check on it. It wasn't an instant thing," Lanier adds.

She said it rumbled for as long as thirty seconds -- enough time for her to get up and go look outside. She says though the trees she saw something falling, and thought it might have been the wing of a plane.

"Someone needs to go to the rescue if it is a plane," she recalls of her first thought.

Then she noticed her landscape had changed. The tower she'd seen for twenty five years was gone.

"When I saw something falling it probably was the tower itself and not a plane."

The familiar sight is gone. But they're only thankful no one was hurt.  For a while, they'll see more traffic as more than a thousand feet of metal is hauled away.

"It's pretty much of a mess down there," said Watson.

Morgan Palmer, reporting. 

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