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Former TJC Student On Idol

Last night Ronnie Norman sang "Ain't No Sunshine", but back in 2003 he brought down the house as Elvis in a TJC "Pop's Concert."

Dr. Cheryl Rogers is the managing director of Fine and Performing Arts at TJC.

"He was in Harmony and Understanding for a year. Probably one of the best Elvis' I've ever had," Rogers said.

She was his voice teacher back then. She didn't see his audition last night, but she says it didn't surprise her he did so well.

"He has a wonderful, natural, God-given talent that he's done very well with."

He left TJC in 2004, and now waits tables at the Outback Steakhouse. Last night when the show aired, this is where he chose to watch.

His boss, Eric Edwards said, "Word got around that he was going to be on there, so, it grew as the night went on. And it just erupted when he took the stage."

One of his co-workers, Ashley Miller, said, "Those that hadn't heard him sing, I think they were probably shocked, cause I think he's a great singer. He did very well, and everyone was very excited."

Ronnie took a little bit of flack for his abundant confidence last night,n but his friends say deep down he's a good guy. And they say he should be the next king of American Idol. 

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.

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