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The Key To Weight Loss In 2006

Finding the perfect recipe for weight loss isn't easy. Who likes diets? No one does! Yet millions of us are always on the lookout for that next big slimming secret. So what are the diet trends for 2006? "They're not advocating eating only one food group, or eating only liquids, or carrying your meals around in the little bars," says Self Magazine's Dana Points. Points says there are three "in" words to look for: whole foods, pleasure and hormones. Trinity Mother Frances Dietician Mandy Jefferson says whole foods are foods that come straight from nature. "They do not have anything added to them or taken away," says Jefferson. Whole foods are easy to find in your local grocery store. Things like fruit, fresh vegetables instead of canned and lean meats like pork chops or chicken. Jefferson suggests pork chops with little fat around the edges that you can cut off and skinless chicken. The more of these whole foods you add to your diet, the leaner experts say you'll be! "When you have low calorie, high filling foods, you tend to lose weight," says Dawn Jackson Blatner with the American Dietetic Association. When it comes to losing weight, "pleasure" may not be the first thing that comes to mind! But Dietician Lisa Dorfman says pleasure is a buzzword that's tickling some taste buds. "Pleasure, or slow eating, is about savoring every bite that you take. And, so, that it's really enjoying the food, really making it a holistic experience," says Dorfman. Whether you're eating a salad or pizza, carrots or cookies, it's supposed to help you control cravings, curb calories and shed pounds. "Some of us are able to have a little bit and not find it necessary to eat the whole thing," says Dorfman. She does warn it still takes willpower. "I'm not sure without a personal formula from a nutrition expert that you could really guarantee any kind of weight or fat loss," says Dorfman. And then there's the hype over hormones, especially leptin. Author Byron Richards is an expert on leptin and weight loss. "Leptin is a hormone that comes out of fat cells and it goes up to the brain. It's like a traffic cop," says Richards. When leptin is out of balance, Richards says your brain gives you the green light to overeat. What causes the problem? "Snacking throws hormone switches that then turn on fat storage," says Richards. How can you turn the switch off? "There's no eating after dinner at night, there's no snacking in between meals, so it's essentially three meals a day and watch the portions," suggests Dorfman. Lance Hotchkiss has cut out snacks for two years and says he's now smiling and slim! "I've lost 80 pounds already!," says Hotchkiss. Regardless of which plan you choose it's really all about customizations. You can even mix and match! "You gotta just find something that works for you and stick with it," says Points. "Either with expert advice or by evaluating your own personal needs," adds Dorfman.

When it comes to these new diet concepts, you'll see a slew of books hitting store shelves over the next few months. Many packed with weekly diet plans and recipes that you can try at home.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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