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Longview Man Competes In "American Idol"

      It was a time in the sun for a Longview man, living his dream of stardom as he competed the American idol contest last night. They filed in by the dozens to Longviews Hollywood Theatre, not for a current block-buster movie, but to support a local man with a dream. 28 year old Jason Horn made his debut on American idol to the cheers of a hometown crowd.

    "It's been a great experience you know hes a great singer and its really great that he has the opportunity to prove that" said Jasons brother, Jonathan Horn.

      "Jason could always sing from the time he was a little boy, its been awesome he's just basically been living out a dream that hes always had" said Jasons mother Shawn.

      Jason's friends and family and about 300 of his church family were treated to a special showing of "idol" at Hollywood theatres and Jason didn't disappoint.

     "Its really exciting to me I've always known Jason had something special in store for him he's a good kid and we're just really excited for him" said Jason's father, Harold Horn.

    "He's taken it well his heads not getting any bigger and that's kind of sad cause he's got a little bitty head anyway" Jonathan said.

    He's a funeral director by day, and he used that curious day job to talk casually with judges. His family says he easily gave a 20 second performance of his life, with a voice that captivated the judges.

     "I always knew Jason who do something big one day regardless of the outcome hes perfectly in tune with himself" Harold says.

     In the end, his voice carried the day.

  "Congratulations your're going to Hollywood" said idol judge Simon Cowell.

    Because of the rules of the contest, Jason is not allowed to talk to media until he's eliminated or he wins the contest. He's now going to Hollywood for the next round, and he won't be the only east Texan there. Tyler's Ronnie Norman also advanced in last night's competition.

Bob Hallmark reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com


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