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Smith County Courthouse Shooting Remembered

Dozens of Smith County Peace Officers watched and remembered the sights and sounds of February 24, 2005. The day their police scanners erupted.

"We have shots fired on the square. We have shots fired on the square. We have someone down."

Professionally, it's probably the worst day any of these law enforcement officers have ever seen. The day David Arroyo, Sr. arrived at the Smith County Courthouse and shot and killed his ex-wife, Maribel, and Mark Wilson, the civilian who tried to stop him. Three others were severely injured.

A newscast from that day reminded them of how one of their own was hit by one of the bullets.

"On the other side of those steps, a uniformed Sheriff's deputy, 28 year old Sherman Dollison, injured by gunfire."
After numerous surgeries, Deputy Dollison says he's almost ready to go back to work.

Lieutenant Marlin Sewell says watching his recovery has been an inspiration.

"Everyday that I see him, he never looks down, he's always smiling, and he's always encouraging other people. If I could ask Sherman to come forward."

Today, Dollison got another standing ovation from his co-workers. Other officers were also recognized for their bravery and courage on that fatal day.

Judge Cynthia Kent was in her courtroom when she heard the gunfire coming from outside.

"Looking back now, almost a year, I remember the feeling in the courtroom of how professional the law enforcement officers were and how they ran into the danger zone, ran into the bullets."

The officers who were first on the scene, say they were just doing their job. Seeing these pictures now is almost as hard as living it nearly 12 months ago, but officers say it's an important reminder of the sacrifices that were made.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.

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