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School District To Cut 45-55 Jobs

Lori Anderson is a self proclaimed "Lindale" girl.

"It's really neat to have a student you went to school with their parent, or you know their family. It just really makes it more meaningful to teach," Anderson said.

She went to high school in this very building, where she's now a sixth grade math teacher.

"I wanted to be with children and impact their lives in a positive way," Anderson said.

For ten years, she's done just that. Now, because of widespread program and personel cuts in the district, she and many of her colleagues are unsure about the future.

She said, "Well, we were first concerned for the students, because fewer teachers means larger class sizes. After that, we kind of started thinking, well, who's it going to be?"

Jane Ann Morrison is the district superintendent.

"The first think we will look at is teacher certification, to make sure that teachers are certified in the area they are teaching. We will look at teacher evaluation to see if there is any difference there," Morrison said.

If the district is unable to make enough cuts based on those two things, they will also look at seniority and professional background.

At a school board meeting tonight, parents and teachers got the news.

From the bench, Morrison said, "We are anticipating cuts in the range of 2 million to 2.8 million dollars, and a loss of 45-55 positions,  both professional, and non professional."

The number came as a shock to many of them.

John Purl, a world geography teacher said, "That was a surprise. I don't think anyone expected it to be quite that many."

Janice Caldwell teaches speech and debate.

She said, "The thought of us having to do this is very sad."

Lori Anderson told us she and many of the other teachers are willing to sacrifice for the good of the district, but they want to be assured, this will never happen again.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.


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