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Lipizzaner Stallions Perform At The Oil Palace

For 36 years, the world famous Lipizzaner Stallions have entertained audiences worldwide. This afternoon, East Texans got a chance to see them in person at the Oil Palace.

These horses, originally bread by Austrian royalty, were once ridden in battle. During peace time, they would entertain people in a "grand carousel". They call it equine ballet, horses dancing in perfect step with one another. Audience members of all ages were astounded, as they lept high in the air.

"It never ceases to amaze me. The grandeur of the spectacle, it's just gorgeous to watch these creatures work," said Johnny Jerome, who's seen the stallions three times.

Lipizzaner Stallions go through as many as nine years of training before they are ready to show at this level.

Lindsay Wilcox reporting.

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