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Police Chase A Stolen Car Through Tyler

A thief takes an unattended SUV for a ride this morning, leading Tyler Police on a dangerous chase. Officers say the chase started when a woman left her SUV running outside a daycare center. They used Onstar to track the vehicle, but the driver would not pull over. The driver sped through several major roads, beginning on Greenbriar Road, just on the outskirts of Tyler, and then went on Highway 31 West, Highway 155, Old Jacksonville Highway, Rice Road and Shiloh Road. The chase finally ended at the corner of New Copeland Road and Shiloh Road when the driver had no place to go. Police then arrested 20-year-old Dustin Umphress of Tyler and charged him with Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle, Evading Arrest and Burglary of a Vehicle.

Those that work near the "Little Red School House" daycare say they noticed an unusual car in the parking lot this morning.

"I saw him sitting there in front of the parked cars and he just looked unusual and I just thought he was so young," said Debby Saltz. "He didn't fit in." Little did she know, he was waiting for the right opportunity to jump in someone's car and drive away.

Jessica says she was late to work this morning. That's why she left her car running while she went inside the daycare. "I hardly ever do this," said Jessica McCoy, owner of the stolen car."I jumped out of my car real quick and I got all my coats and stuff and we went in all happy and everything. I go inside and go talk to his teacher and walked outside and my car is gone." Jessica says she immediately called police and soon they were chasing her car throughout Tyler. Police tried to stop the car on Greenbriar Road by throwing down a spike strip, but the driver got around. The chase lasted for 11 minutes. Police say the man driving the stolen car hit one car, but fortunately no one was injured. Police ask people not to leave their cars running.

"Technically that's against the law to do so," said Officer Don Martin, Tyler Police Department. "We ask everyone that they don't do that because again if you have someone looking for that they are going to jump in their car and go." Jessica says she's learned her lesson.

"Don't ever leave your car unlocked, ever," said McCoy.

Police recovered another stolen vehicle this morning, taken earlier in the week from Town Oaks South apartments on Old Bullard Road. They say they are investigating several auto burglaries Dustin Umphress may be involved in.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com

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