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Harleton Family Loses Home In Fire

      A Harleton family is having to start life all over again after fire destroys everything they own. For 20 years, the Guffey family took in friends with no place to go, now they're forced to depend on others. On Wednesday, fire swept through their home on FM 3001. That's west of Highway 59 in Harrison county.

    For the Guffey's , it's a hard thing to look at the site where their 5-bedroom home once stood.

     "Its real hard and as you think of things you realize its no there, its kind of like the first night it started to get dark and i wanted to go home, and theres no home to go to you know" said Sandra Guffey.

    They lost the family dog "Bruno" in the blaze. Leaving his motorized wheelchair behind, Donald Guffey was dragged out by family at the last second before the house was engulfed.

      "They literally pulled me out of the chair and drug me across the bedroom floor, through the door across the porch and out in the back yard" said Donald Guffey.

       For years, the Guffeys were known for taking in friends and even strangers who were down on their luck.

     "Very nice people kind generous , they've helped a lot of people in the neighborhood here and there" said longtime friend Boyd Bukham.

     They suffered burns and cuts, but what hurt most was the bad news from their insurance company.

   "And at 3 o'clock that afternoon the agent called back and said no there was a technicality we no longer had insurance" Sandra says.

    They lost their clothes, their keepsakes, every childs toy, every last thing they'd worked for, but they'll be back.

     "Its our land we love it we're going to rebuild here" said Sandra. The Guffey's loss has brought out east Texans' generosity. A Longview doctor has donated his ore city home for the family to stay indefinitely, until they can rebuild.

    If you'd like to help the Guffey family, a fund has been set up at the Woodforest National Bank in Marshall. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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