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Gladewater Police Officer No Billed

A grand jury has decided a Gladewater police officer will not stand trial for killing a suspect. Last June, officer Bryan Naismith shot and killed Jonathan King following a hit-and-run accident. Officials said King fled from police and when Naismith caught up with him, King tried to run him over. All along, the officer said he felt his life was threatened, and the shooting was in self defense the grand jury agreed.

Witnesses and family of King told us they were hoping for an indictment today against Officer Naismith. But the grand jury didn't see it that way. The grand jury met for 2 hours after seeing forensic evidence and hearing witness testimony, but could find no reason to indict.

"The burden is sufficient probable cause to take the persons being investigated on to a jury trial any kind of trial, and by their decision they found that, that evidence just wasn't there" said Upshur County District Attorney Mike Fetter.

The decision was welcome news to the Gladewater police department, which had come under fire from King's family. In a July interview, King's wife, Amanda Caton, told us what she still believes today.

"The minute he took off the officer started shooting at him, they said Jonathan went up and turned around and the officer was still shooting at him" said Caton.

Officers with the Gladewater police department say the no-bill was a huge relief.

"He's real happy about it, real relieved, so the whole department is, anytime you have something like this its always a worry, but just glad its over" said Gladewater police chief Jimmy Davis.

The Caton's family attorney, Joe Nathan Wright, says they will continue to pursue a civil claim. They are asking to see evidence they feel wasn't entered into the case, like the police dash cam video.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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