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East Texas Students Names Found On Website

Some East Texas students are reporting a web site that lists classmates names and says...we are coming to get you.

The list allegedly names current and former students at Jacksonville High School. It was on the web host Xanga, which allows people to post online diaries and journals.

No one knows who posted the list over the weekend. It was taken off the web just a few days after it was created.

Jacksonville police say they have not seen the list and are not investigating it at this time. Lt. John Page, Public Information Officer at Jacksonville Police Department says, "The people that I have talked to say there was no specific threat to any one student or the group of students. If anyone has a copy we would be more than willing to take a look at it and see where we can proceed from there."

Jacksonville ISD's Superintendent, Stuart Bird says he has not found any evidence that the list exists. The school has contacted the web site company and asked for a copy. Bird says if the list is found, he will take it to police.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. kdavis@kltv.com


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