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Second Fight At Longview High School

       A second fight between high school students in 3 days has some parents in Longview angry at school administrators.

    "We certainly understand the concerns of the parents and the information they've seen and heard in the last few days, we have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior" said L.I.S.D. community relations officer Marsha Dotson.

      A second fight in a week at Longview high school, and parents we talked to aren't feeling like the school's administrators are keeping them informed.

    "I wasn't told anything I had to call the school" said parent Jan London, whose daughter attends Longview high school.

      Many that we spoke with didn't seem surprised that there was fighting, but they were alarmed at how superintendent Dana Marable handled the notification of parents.

     "The school didn't take any initiative to call anybody and I know it may have been chaotic but that's no excuse" London said.

     The fight was not discussed at a scheduled L.I.S.D. board meeting today. But school officials felt compelled to talk after today's incident, to assure parents that they're doing their best.

     "There may be a perception that Longview isd, are not approachable and that is the farthest thing from the truth, Dr. Marable has an ear for the community and an open door policy" Dotson said.

    Police are not strangers to the campus, making many calls over the past year, and officers have even been hurt.

    "This is not the first time, there have been others one morning I've seen like 7 fights in the same hour" said Longview student Tory Bates.

    "We've had instances in the past where officers were actually attacked by students trying to hold them back, the officers have been pushed, shoved, hit and kicked, yeah it can get dangerous" said Longview police sergeant S.W. Pendleton.

    Police are concerned for the students' safety as well. They are looking into how many calls they've made to the high school in the last year. In the meantime, the principal of Longview high school has now invited parents to visit him by appointment regarding the incidents.

Bob Hallmark reporting.


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