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1/25/06-Upshur County

Concerned Residents Want People To Stop Dumping Their Trash

For years one man got away with dumping trash in his own backyard. He later passed away, but the trash is still there and now residents want it cleaned up. The dumpsite is located on Gardenia Road in Upshur County. That's about 4 miles east of Gilmer. Now other East Texans are using it as their own personal dumping ground.

Ardis Bell grew up in the Valley View area, a small community deep in the woods. The wilderness is why people move here, but others use the open space for something else.

"You've got an old stove, seats, microwave, bags of clothes," said Bell. "It seems like they're cleaning out their houses or trailer and they just come out and dump it here instead of taking it to the dump." Concerned residents say it's not the first time this has happened.

"This wasn't here last week," said Bell. "It was just a few bags." Down the street residents have been looking at garbage for years.

"This is just like a dump, a dump ground," said Bell. "He used it for a dump ground." Two years ago, the man who lived on Gardenia Road ran his own garbage business. Residents say he would pick up people's trash, but instead of taking it to the proper dump site, he trashed his own backyard. "This is ridiculous here," said Bell. "We don't know what's in here. There could be chemicals in there. Anything could contaminate the ground." Most of all, residents say they don't like looking at it and hope it gets cleaned up before more is added to the pile.

We tried calling the Upshur County Sheriff's Department today to find out who will clean the trash up. Residents say the sheriff's department has been out to look at the dumping site.

Molly Reuter, reporting.

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