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The Answers To Life's Toughest Questions

Mary Ruth Townsend's 2nd grade class is putting the finishing touches on their new book.

"They are actually publishing the book here. The front cover, the back cover, and what we call the guts of the book," Townsend said.

"The Answers To Life's Toughest Questions is the product of an annual class project.

"In the 2nd grade, we have to learn about goods and services, and the basics of our economic system. Well, I'm just a firm believer, as a teacher, that kids will learn so much more if we actually experience it," Townsend said.

Townsend says fifty-percent of anything we do is confidence, so she created an Image Center.

"They're practicing their autograph. I have some kids that have to do public speaking, in the next week or so, and when they go through the image center, they will practice their public speaking. As well as handshakes. Then they move to quality control, because each book in this class is actually inspected more than once.Right over here, we have our advertising center. We mock up a whole advertising campaign," Townsend said.

There's even a bank loan, to pay for the book materials.

"We had to go to the bank, put a whole presentation together for a loan, and put up collateral."

They're only making a hundred copies of the book...sort of a limited edition.

"If we sold all one hundred books, they could possibly make five-hundred dollars. One-hundred dollars, plus interest goes back to the bank," Townsend said.

Some of the remaining profit will pay for class t-shirts...The rest goes to charity.

"I like them to know that there's a world out there that we can make a difference in."

Townsend says the business is a huge undertaking, but the young CEO's learn a lot. They have something to teach us too.

Look at what these young entrepreneurs said, when they were asked some of life's toughest questions.

Kobi Avinger says, "The best advice to give someone is get your act together!"

Mikael Contreras says, "The best advice to give someone is to not ever get your name taken down. Be good, and be kind to all things."

Abbi Florey says, "If I could give one message to the world it would be that I love everyone."

My personal favorite came from Christopher Dyke. He wrote "If I could give one message to the world it would be, be nice, because kids are watching."

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting. 

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