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Police Arrest Eleven Students At Longview High School

Close to a dozen students were arrested in a fight that broke out at Longview High School. The school says during one of the lunch breaks Monday, a group of students were arguing. Police say a large group of students then ran toward the main building. When it was over, three teachers were injured. The school says it started among a small group of students and then escalated from there. Three teachers tried to stop the fight. One hurt her back and received a bloody nose. The other hurt her arm. The school says two were back at school today and the other teacher plans on being back tomorrow.

"It didn't get out of control, so it wasn't like it was a major big brouhaha," said Principal Milton Wallace, Longview High School. "To me it was a situation where we had students that had misbehaved and we dealt with it like we deal with all the others. From my standpoint it was something in my course of dealing with students we did what we were suppose to do and we took care of it." Right now, 10 students have been charged with Assault on a Public Servant and one with Rioting and Resisting Arrest. Longview police say the three teachers who were assaulted will have the chance tomorrow morning to identify the students who attacked them. Those students will be charged with Assualt on a Public Servant. The school says at this time they are not sure what disciplinary action they will take.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com

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