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1/23/06-Rusk County

19 Year Old Pregnant Girl Shot And Killed

Cystal Hudson, 19 years old, is shot and killed. The teenager accused of the shooting says it was an accident.  But, the victim's family says it was murder. The shooting happened in Tatum over the weekend at the 19 year old victim's home.

It all started when 17-year-old Sergio Alfredo Orona, Jr. went to visit 19-year-old Crystal Hudson at her home in Tatum. Family members say Crystal was 5 months pregnant at the time of her death. 

Both familes of the the victim and the accused spoke with us.  "She's my baby sister and I loved her dearly. She was killed and I didn't get a chance to tell her that I loved her," says Chris Hudson, Crystal's brother.

Friday night, Crystal, her boyfriend and parents were all at home when Sergio Alfredo Orona, Junior knocked on the door. "My dad said come on in she is in the bedroom. And 15 minutes later my dad heard a loud pop and my dad said what the hell happened. He said I just killed your daughter right between the eyes and he grinned," according to Chris Hudson.

"My step mom said when he came out of the room he said I killed her.  If I can't have her nobody can have her," says Chris. 

However, Orona's grandmother says he told her it was an accident.  "He says it was an accident.  He was just showing it to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was going to buy it that's what he said," says Joanne Martinez, Sergio Orona, Junior's grandmother.

But crystal's family does not believe it. "You don't take a gun into someone's house unless you intend on hurting someone. Why did he have a gun?," says Debby Hudson, Crystal's sister-in-law.

In just 4 months, Crystal's family would have be celebrating the life of a baby or two.   "If she was pregnant with twins she's never gonna be a mother," says Chris. 

Today, Sergio Orona, Junior was arraigned on second degree manslaughter charges.  "I want Sergio to get life, death penalty or whatever it takes.   I don't want him to see the outdoors ever again," says Chris.

Crystal's boyfriend was in the room at the time of the shooting.  However, we were unable to obtain his statement to police. Crystal's brother says they are waiting on the autopsy results to find out if Crystal was pregnant with twins.

Sergio Orona Junior's trial has not been set.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. kdavis@kltv.com


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