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1/22/06-Lake Palestine

Recovery Operation For Missing Boy Scaled Back

The full-scale recovery operation for a missing nine-year-old boy is over, and still, his body has not been found.

Cade Castleberry was last seen late Tuesday afternoon when his fishing boat floated too far off shore. The recovery effort has been ongoing since Tuesday night in Lakeway Harbor across Lake Palestine from Coffee City in Smith County.

Thunderstorms kept game wardens' boats from spending the majority of the day on the water. The aerial search had to be called off completely because of weather. However, divers did spent nearly nine hours scouring the lake bottom, but were not successful either.

"From here on out, unfortunately, it will be a wait and see type of operation," said Smith County Game Warden Larry Hand. "It's frustrating for all of the rescuers, the workers, that we haven't been able to return this young boy to his family."

Although the search for the missing boy is being scaled back, Texas Game Wardens tell us they will continue looking for him until he is finally found no matter how long that takes.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.

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