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Cardioseal Available For East Texans

New hope for stroke patients. A non-invasive procedure is now available here in East Texas. It's called Cardioseal. It allows doctors to repair a hole in a patient's heart without having to perform open heart surgery.

The device is about the size of a quarter, and works like an umbrella. The Cardioseal fits in a catheter and is threaded through the veins to reach the heart. Then, the seal covers the hole in the patient's heart.

Friday, Cardiologist Dr. David Hector performed three of the procedures for the first time. "So if you have a big stroke or a small stroke this device is able to reduce the incidents of a second stroke significantly down to 2 percent or less," says Dr. Hector with Tyler Cardiovascular Consultants.

The procedure only takes about 20 minutes and within 6 months the cardioseal becomes part of the heart.

A cardiologist must seek FDA approved prior to a patient having the procedure. The ones performed on Friday were at Trinity Mother Frances Heart Institute in Tyler.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.

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