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1/20/06-Rusk County

Megan Holden's Mother Shares Her Story

A year after her daughter's murder, Megan Holden's mother shares her story. An event that changed hundreds of lives in a moment, continues to have its lasting effects. It was a year ago when 19 year old Megan Holden of Henderson was abducted from a Tyler Wal-Mart. And 36 hours later, she was found dead. Johnny Lee Williams of Tyler was convicted of kidnapping and murdering Megan.

Her mother, Sheri Dunlap, told us about the emotional year. "Some days good and some days bad, it's a roller coaster. I don't think I go an hour without thinking about her," says Sheri.

Sheri remembers the last conversation she had with Megan on January 19, 2005. "I had told her, I loved her, before I hung up. I said I love you Megan, she said ooh mom and hung up, like a teenager," says Sheri.

She says her daughter was beginning a new phase in her life. Megan just got a job at Wal-Mart the month before and had just started at TJC. "She has just gone to college one day so her life was changing and going in a different direction, actually a very good direction," says Sheri.

She wanted to keep Megan's room private, but says she keeps Megan's room exactly how she left it. "It's very hard to know that I will never get to talk to her again for the rest of my life and have to figure out how to live without her," says Sheri.

Sheri went to Megan's grave sight Thursday. She says faith in God has gotten her through the last year and it's that faith that helped her forgive her daughter's killer. "I have to forgive him because that's what God teaches. I don't like him, never will, but I have to forgive him otherwise it takes my life. He has damaged my life forever but I'm not going to allow through him to take the rest of my life," sheri says.

Megan's killer, Johnny Lee Williams, was up for the death penalty, but he made a plea agreement with the District Attorney. He spent more than five hours with Megan's family, describing everything that happened. Sheri Dunlap told us she did not get the answers she wanted that day. Williams will be in prison for the rest of his life.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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