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1/19/06-Lake Palestine

Recovery Efforts Resume For Missing 9 Year-Old Boy

This morning, for a few hours, rescue crews did skim Lake Palestine, but, they were unsuccessful in finding Cade Castleberry's body.

Cade went missing on Lake Palestine last Monday, a day with a lake wind advisory.  He went out in a small fishing boat. Witnesses say he either jumped or fell overboard.

Rescuers eventually had to call off the search for a majority of the day. High winds forced them to pull some of their boats out of the water. They say the winds have also hampered their ability to drag the lake bottom.

Chris Green is the Smith County Game Warden.  He says, "We may transition into some night work, since the winds, we understand are going to blow this way for the next two or three days, out of one direction or the other, and we may transition to some night work."

Rescue efforts are underway this evening.

Cade was a student at Bullard Elementary. We heard from some of his classmate's parents today. They told us the students miss him very much.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting. 

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