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1/18/06-Lake Palestine

Rescuers Look For 9 Year Old

The rescue efforts for a missing nine year old boy, believed to have drowned, ended unsuccessfully tonight. 

Cade Castleberry disappeared on Lake Palestine yesterday. He took a small fishing boat out on the rough waters, and floated too far off shore.

That's when eye-witnesses say, he either jumped or fell overboard. Rescue efforts will begin resume the morning, but tonight, a family is left devastated.

Elwood Bevel lives on Lake Palestine, and saw little Cade fighting for hi life yesterday.

"The boy was about, I'd say, not over thirty yards from the boat, when I got to down here. The boat was drifting one way, and he was swimming the other. It was about 20 minutes before he went under. It was heartbreaking, I've still got tears in my eyes from yesterday. To see a ten year old boy, and not be able to help him."

He, and others were forced to sit by and watch, unable to help in their own boats because of low lake levels.

It's been more than 24 hours since the accident, and now the family is waiting as recovery teams work to find little Cade's body.

Chris Green is the Smith County Game Warden.

He said, "Well, we got out here, first light, 7 o'clock this morning, We waited a little bit before we put the drags in because we have an underwater camera device we wanted to use."

Rescue workers searched for 14 straight hours, but at the end of another day, their efforts were largley unsuccessful.

"However many days or hours that is, we're going to be out here until we find him."

They will begin again tomorrow, and officials say they are determined. They will find Cade Castleberry.

If you'd like to help with funeral arrangements, a fund has been set up for Cade Castleberry's family at Austin State Bank.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.

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