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Healthy Portion Sizes

This is the time when most people's New Year's resolutions start to fade. And if losing weight, or eating healthier was one of them, a fad diet is not necessarily the best solution. A local dietitian says there's an easier alternative.

"Fad diets can help get people motivated and focused on healthier eating habits but as soon as they fall off or loose that motivation they tend to back where they were before..bad old habits. The reality is it comes down to the calories and portion sizes that people have," says Regina Dick, Clinical Dietitian at UT Health Center.

Waist lines are not the only things getting bigger, so are our plate sizes, according to Regina. She says most plates sizes have increased 2 inches. "A simple thing that people can do is look at the dishes that you have at home. Your cups, glasses, and bowl sizes and use smaller ones. Getting smaller ones is an excellent strategy to loose weight and keep it off, " says Regina.

She also says when going out to eat, to leave something on your plate, or share a meal. Regina says smaller plates, lead to smaller portions and is a non diet approach to losing weight and keeping it off.

Regina says to look at the portion sizes on prepackages items because what you think is a single portion may actually be two or three servings. "This smaller muffin is 250 calories which would be appropriate for breakfast. However, this larger one is noted as 220 calories only if you eat half of the muffin. If you read closely you will see that this larger muffin is actually 2 servings," says Regina.

But food is not the only thing to cut back on, so are drinks. One can of coke is one serving and it has 140 calories. Dietitians say if you drink one of these a day, every day for a year. You can take the last number off of the calories and that's how much weight you could gain in a year.

Regina says drink a few less cokes, and pick up the smaller plate. This will help you win the battle against losing weight. And make you feel like you have more food on your plate.

Regina says the correct plate size is about 10 inches, that's about the size of a salad plate. If you would like more information on portion sizes go to the "Know More On 7 Link" on the KLTV website and clink on the link called "Healthy Portion Sizes."

Karolyn Davis, Reporting.


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