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7 On Your Side: Body Scans

  You can't miss the bright yellow flyer. What it claims is even more eye-catching: "a body scan can save your life." "This is all sonogram, this is all ultrasound, there's no radiation or anything harmful about it," says Ultra Life owner Warren Green. Based out of Huntington Beach, California, Ultra Life will be giving these scans at a location near you this week, in this case at Comfort Suites hotel in Tyler.
  A full body scan costs $500. Or the body organ of your choice can be scanned for $45-150. "Every one of your organs is potentially life-threatening to you," says Green.
  "To go and pay all this money for a cafeteria menu of scans is inefficient and is also a waste of time and money," says KLTV 7 Med Team Doctor Ed Dominguez.
  Dr. Ed says it's important to remember there is no recourse for you if something goes wrong or your test results are abnormal. "They have no obligation to keep you in health, they have no obligation to report any of this to your healthcare team here, who's responsible for keeping you healthy. They're in a hotel, they're going to be leaving, you only have one day in which to do it, it's a cash only or credit card only business and then they're gone!"
  Green tells us their one stop shop has found a long list of health conditions. "We find masses in the organs that can cause cancer, we find blood vessel problems, bad valves in the heart," says Green.
  Dr. Ed replies, "There are no studies suggesting that scanning everybody like this is going to help prevent anything not even a single death necessarily." With so many messages out there that make our society so health conscious, it never hurts to talk to your doctor first, who is likely just a phone call away.
  Ultra Life says the body scans will be administered by certified technologists and the results evaluated by their medical doctors. Also, this is not covered by medicare or insurance.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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