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1/16/06-Rusk County

Boat Ramps Closed At Popular Fishing Lake

This time of year, Martin Creek Lake is every East Texas fisherman's dream.

Lee Roberts, the state park manager explains,  "It's constantly a warm water lake, somewhere between 75 and 85 degrees. It supports really good fish life. We have a power plant on the southern shore of the lake.  They have in-flow and out-flow, where they bring in the water, are using it for steam, and then are discharging warm water back out into the lake."

Randy Sceroler knows all that warm water, adds up to some really good fishing.

"I caught some good bass out here before. I've caught a couple over 8 pounds, so that's where I was going to go today."

But those fishing plans were sunk when he realized the boat ramps were closed because of low lake levels.

"I'm kind of disappointed, because I thought I could head out there, and catch some fish today," Sceroler said.

The lake is about seven feet below where it should be this time of year. Texas Parks and Wildlife shut the ramps down last Thursday.

"It [the decision] was based upon our observation going in and out of the lakes, even small boats were having a problem getting out of the lake," Roberts said.

Without some siginificant rainfall, they say these ramps won't re-open anytime soon.

"We've got to get back up to a level where a large boat can get in and out pretty easily," Roberts added.

Until then, they say there is still plenty to do out at the park.

Roberts said, "We're still camping. We have a playground, and we still have fishing. They can fish off the boat dock, the fishing pier, and they can fish off the bank."

And that's exactly what Randy Sceroler decided to do.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting. 

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